16 Nurses at Arizona Hospital All Pregnant At Same Time


Nurses at an intensive care unit at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona are telling people they think there might be something in the water after they discovered that 16 of them were all expecting babies between October and January. 

Nurse Rochelle Sherman, who is nearly eight months along, say they didn't realize how many nurses were pregnant until they formed a Facebook group chat and more and more members were added. 

Another nurse, Jolene Garrow, joked that they "all formulated this plan to have the holidays off!"

The nurses say their colleagues at the hospital have been great about helping them with patients they shouldn't be exposed to because of their conditions or treatments that could be dangerous for pregnant women. 

"There are certain disease processes that we don't want the nurses to be exposed to. Certain infections," Heather Francis, director of nursing for Banner Desert's Trauma Neural ICU and Medical ICU told KPHO. "Also, chemotherapy drugs can be very toxic to the fetus." 

Hospital officials say patients shouldn't worry about hospital shifts going uncovered. They have a pool of nurses that are ready to fill in when the ICU nurses begin taking their 12-week maternity leaves starting in the fall. 

The nurse's colleagues plan on throwing them a group baby shower next week. 



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