Yard Sale FAQ

Where is Montgomery's Largest Yard Sale?

Union Station Train Shed (Downtown Montgomery) - 210 Water St, Montgomery, AL 36104

When is setup for Montgomery's Largest Yard Sale?

Setup will take place Friday, May 17th from 5pm-7pm. All setup must be completed on May 17th. No exceptions. There will be security overnight to ensure nothing gets moved or stolen. 

When is Montgomery's Largest Yard Sale? 

7am-3pm on Saturday,May 18, 2019

What if it rains?

The yard sale will be under the train shed 

May I bring my pet with me to the Yard Sale?

No there are no pets allowed 

What is the cost?

(Residential/Individual) $20.00 Size of Booth: 10x10 

(Business/Commercial) $20.00 size of booth 10x10

Can I pay with cash?

No, you can only pay by money order or online. If you are paying by money order please make it out to iHeart Media. 

Do I have to have a business license? 

Yes, you must have a business license for this event. If this is your first time selling items and you do not have one, you may purchase a transient business license. 

Transient Business License Form

 Where do I drop the forms off?

You may drop the Yard Sale form off at our station located at 203 Gunn Rd. Transient Business Forms must be taken to City of Montgomery Revenue Division P. O. Box 1111 Montgomery AL 36101.For assistance, please call the Revenue Division at 334-625-2036.

What is the difference between commercial and non-commercial?

Individual: Is selling items you no longer want (clothes, household items, etc.) 

Commercial: is new items, crafts, business displays, etc.

How big is the space?

The spaces are 10’ X 10'. This is the size of a parking space 

Can I rent more than one space?

Yes. Spaces rented at the same time by the same person will be placed side by side. If you need places next to each other that were not rented at the same time, please let us know. We will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Will there be a limit to the number of Commercial Vendors for businesses?


What if I can’t set up the night before?

You may set up on on Friday May 17th 5-7pm (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Is there security overnight?


Can we sell food items?

There is only one concession that has exclusivity. If you would like to sale cookies, cakes, etc that is fine. You may only sell food items if you have registered as an official food vendor.

Can I bring my own food to eat during the day?

You may bring in small snacks and non-alcoholic beverages (no glass bottles) for your personal consumption during the event. Food vendors will also be available.

Do you provide tables and canopies, etc?

No, we just provide the space for you to set up. You will have to provide your own table and chairs 

What restrictions do you have?

We have a restriction on food sales due to our agreement with the Union Train Shed facility. . Any other restrictions are based on laws, requirements placed on vendors by the companies they represent, or if something is not appropriate for a family event. You can set up your booth as you would like, keeping in mind that this is a family event and you must stay in your space (s).

Do you provide electricity?

No, but there will be power stations available to test items requiring electricity.

What if I don’t want to cart my un-sold stuff back home after the event?

The Salvation Army will collect donations. 

How long can I leave my stuff there after the sale is over? Can I get it later?

No, all items must be removed immediately after the sale. Please plan on having someone available to watch your items while you go get your vehicle, etc. All items left will be donated and we don’t want to inadvertently assume you are donating anything.

How soon do I need to get my reservation in?

Booths are first come, first serve! So as soon as you can reserve, you should.

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