Rescuers Use Beef Jerky To Lure Dog Trapped In 30-Foot Hole To Safety

A group of mountain bikers was riding the Sinkhole Trail through Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina when they found a stranded dog trapped in a 30-foot sinkhole. The bikers contacted rescuers and led them to the dog, which was about a mile off the trail. Members of the Burke County Search And Rescue squad rappelled down the hole to meet the frightened animal.

The rescuers used beef jerky to lure him out of hiding so they could fit it with a safety harness and pull him out of the hole. Officials believe the dog had been stuck in the hole for several days. While he was starving and dehydrated, he was otherwise unharmed.

They said the dog, which they named Sinker, was not wearing a collar and had not been microchipped. If they are unable to locate the Sinker's owners, he will be put up for adoption.

Photo: Burke County Rescue Squad