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Maroon 5's Adam Levine Talks 'JORDI,' Posthumous Juice WRLD Collab & More

Maroon 5's new album, JORDI, has officially arrived, and the band celebrated the new music during their exclusive iHeartRadio Album Release Party.

JORDI, dedicated to their late manager Jordan Feldstein, is Maroon 5's seventh full-length album and follows 2017's Red Pill Blues. The new record includes their previously-released songs "Beautiful Mistakes" featuring Megan Thee Stallion and "Nobody's Love," in addition to guest appearances from Stevie Nicks , blackbear, H.E.R., Jason Derulo, Anuel AA, Tainy and Bantu. JORDI also features a remix of "Memories" featuring YG and the late Nipsey Hussle, as well as another posthumous collab with Juice WRLD called "Can't Leave You Alone."

During their iHeartRadio Album Release Party, Maroon 5 performed some of their new JORDI songs, including "Beautiful Mistakes," "Lost" and "Memories," in addition to fan favorites like "This Love," "Sugar" and an acoustic version of "Moves Like Jagger."

Maroon 5's Adam Levine also opened up about JORDI, the album's many collaborations and more during an exclusive interview with iHeartRadio's Valentine.

During their conversation, Levine mentioned that the loss of Maroon 5's late manager is still "so personal and so raw." He mentioned, "This didn't happen 10 years ago, like this just happened. So, I don't like to get too into it, just because I feel so much of the feelings and so much of the emotions are mine, and I want to keep it in mine and not necessarily ... you know, I like to use the album ... he lived and breathed this this band. And he was as important to our success as we were. I genuinely believe that. Because you'll get a lot of people saying, 'Oh, you guys did it, and you can't attribute that to anyone else,' and all that nonsense, because it takes a million people to really make a band successful. Anyone that really knows, knows."

Adam added, "His belief in us inspired us to do our best work in our life, throughout our career. And so it wouldn't have made sense not to name the album after him. Like I said, I'm skittish about talking about it, just because it's not an easy thing to do, but I didn't feel like I should have shied away from doing it, just because it was going to be difficult to talk about it in interviews. I think the best decisions sometimes aren't always the easiest in that case. So, this is his well-deserved tribute for a guy who, like I said, lived, breathed, slept this band with me every step of the way. He was truly a special human being,"

JORDI was made in complete isolation, and as Adam mentioned, he did not perform any of the songs with the rest of the band. He explained, "I didn't sit in the studio with my band. It was a bizarre time than probably the most time in any of our lifetimes. So, I think the sound reflects that. There's a loneliness to it, that there's fun moments and there's upbeat moments, but there's a loneliness to it that I don't think I could have ever escaped, just because I wasn't going to be sitting at home writing songs about how great everything is, because it wasn't."

Levine also talked about collaborating with some of the artists on JORDI. Stevie Nicks appears on a song called "Remedy," and the Maroon 5 frontman explained of working with the rock icon, "Stevie Nicks is a piece of me at this point. She and I are connected on a strange level, like, we have been for a while. I just love her so much, she's always been a presence in the later years. Like I think I met her eight or nine years ago, and she's just always been a person that, first of all, she's Stevie Nicks, like, what's there to say. She's been an influence for many years before that, but just on a personal level, she's an inspiration, she always has been. And I knew our voices would sound really great together when we actually [collaborated]. And we've sung together before, I did it with her 'Leather and Lace,' which is one of my favorites."

Also included on JORDI is a posthumous appearance from Juice WRLD on a song called "Can't Leave You Alone," and Adam explained of the late recording artist, "I never someone that I'll always regret not ever getting to meet. We had a lot of friends in common, and the guy was a prolific, just genius. As you start to go down the rabbit hole of what he did in such a short period of time, and obviously everyone knows that he was tragically gone too soon, but the guy was just going to be the best there ever was. Like, he was incredible, just so different. And there's just nothing like what ... he just changed everything. And it was like he was gone so soon that people are never going to know how profoundly he changed everything. I wish I could have met him."

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